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08 October 2006

Ear Plugs

A few weeks ago I went to AES (Audio Engineering Society).  This trade show features all of the latest recording and sound gear and software.  It was truely amazing to see all of the stuff that's out there.  One company was making custom filtered earplugs and I decided to finally get a pair.  I go to a lot of shows that get loud and have been meaning to get some for awhile.  Better late than never...right?  Well they arrived but at first I couldn't get them to fit properly and thought I'd have to send them back.  After messing around a bit I finally got them to fit.  I could feel them in my ear but they were pretty comfortible.  I just needed a show to go to.  Low and behold a friend of mine won some tickets to see Adrian Belew who I interviewed last year.  The show was loud but the ear filters worked great.  I could hear everything pretty clearly.  I'd recommend getting some quality ear plug filters to anyone who is around loud sounds.

Adrian Belew at Slim's in San Francisco.


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