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02 October 2006

Tower Records

So I saw an ad on the street saying 30% off all merchandise at the now defunct Tower Records.  It made me think about all of the indie artist and labels that had their music in Tower's inventory.  Will any of them ever see a penny for their music?  I doubt it.  Most of the money raised from this liquidation will go to Tower's larger creditors.  We all want to do the right thing by purchasing music (not stealing it) so that income will flow to the artist but now, not even the "legitimate" outlets allow us to do this.   I guess  buying  your music directly from the artist is the only way to make sure that some of the profits gets to them.  When I say direct, I mean places that the artist has control over their inventory such as CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, OnlineRock and live shows...there are a number of them out there.


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