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09 June 2009

Creating a Video Without Having a Video

If you're like most artists these days, having a video seems like a great idea. You could post it on your website or MySpace page and use YouTube to help spread it around creating more visibility. The trouble is that creating a video in the past has been time consuming and sometimes costly. In addition, you'll want to make sure it leaves a good impression on the viewer. A poor quality video, both in musical performance and video quality can do more harm than good if not presented properly.

We probably all have friends with hand-held video cameras that try to capture some of our shows and rehearsals. And most likely we have a lot of still shots from tours, practices and just hanging out. That was the case with my band Needle but we still wanted to have a video that we would be happy with. As a quick way to put something together, I assembled these stills using iMovie on the Mac. You could also use Movie Maker if you're using Windows. By combining the still shots, using transitions and fades backed up with a track from our CD, we were able to create a decent video. Check it out:


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