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06 July 2009

CD Submission Tip: Take It Off!

As I've mentioned before, we receive about 100 CDs per month. That's a lot of music to go through. The way I usually do it is grab a stack of about 10 CDs and drop them into the CD player and randomly pick a song to listen to. If the song grabs me, I'll listen to more and it will then be sent to one of our reviewers.

Now it's easy to open up a CD when there is no shrink-wrap on it but when I get a CD that is still wrapped, it's an extra effort to get that CD into the player. It's especially difficult if it has the tape across the top as well.

So, my tip to you this time is make it easy for a reviewer or editor to get to the music. Remove the wrapper so that the CD just jumps into the player. I've made a commitment to listen to each CD that comes in here so I will take the extra step to remove any packaging but many places won't.

I hope that helps! Until next time...


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