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01 September 2009

OnlineRock Podcast Vol 31


1. The Big Pink: Dominos, A Brief History of Love on 4AD
2. The Drums: Let's Go Surfing, Summertime EP on Twentyseven
3. Grand Archives: Silver Among Gold, Keep in Mind Frankenstein on Sub Pop
4. Shannon Stephens: In Summer in the Heat, The Breadwinner on Asthmatic Kitty
5. The Clean: In the Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul, Mister Pop on Merge
6. Brown Recluse: Contour and Context, The Soft Skin EP on Slumberland
7. These United States: I Want You to Keep Everything, Everything Touches Everything on United Interests
8. Cotton Jones: Where You Stop for a Minute, Rio Ranger EP on Quite Scientific Records
9. David Bazan: Bless This Mess, Curse Your Branches on Barsuk
10. The Leisure Society: We Were Wasted, The Sleeper on Wilkommen Records/Full Time Hobby
11. Yo La Tengo: Here to Fall, Popular Songs on Matador
12. Slaraffenland: Open Your Eyes, We're on Your Side on Hometapes

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