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26 February 2010

Hopewell - SXSW Interview and Video


Brooklyn, New York

SXSW Show Times:
Tee Pee Showcase 3/18– 10pm @ Habana Calle 6.
Chronic Youth Day Party 3/18 6:30pm.
Organic Entertainment Day Party 3/17 4:10pm.
New York Night Train Party – Spiderhouse 3/20 time TBA
plus more probably..

What do like most about playing at SXSW?
Seeing old friends, seeing old friends bands, seeing old bands friends. Seeing old bands.

Are you out promoting anything?
We are promoting our new book “Hopewell vs. The Indie Rock Mafia: a memoir”. We are also promoting our latest record Good Good Desperation and an upcoming covers record featuring all the people who inspired us in the first place: members of Home, Rollerskate Skinny, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ride, Grand Mal/St. Johnny singing/playing on covers of Syd Barrett, Lou Reed, Stooges and Brian Eno.

Are there any bands or musicians that you are looking forward to checking out?
Serena Maneesh are great. So is the Silent League.

What are the challenges in playing at SXSW?
NO SOUNDCHECK, drunkenness, heat stroke, dealing with people who think that fame exists, no sleep.

Do you have any survival tips?
Step away from the fray at least once. Go swimming. Eat local cuisine.

Are you more "stick around, check out music and enjoy the scene" or "play as many shows as possible then get out"?
We are more “stick around and play as many shows as possible while enjoying the scene except when it’s time to go swimming.”


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