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09 March 2010

The Happy Hollows - SXSW Interview and Video


Negahdariland, California

SXSW Show Times:
Mar 17 3:30P - Little Radio Party @ Red Eyed Fly
Mar 17 8:00P - Autumn Tone Showcase @ Jaime’s
Mar 18 12:30P - Baeble Music Party @ Scoot Inn
Mar 18 3:00P - Filter/Dickies Party @ Lustre Pearl
Mar 18 4:30P - Aquarium Drunkard Party @ Lambert’s
Mar 19 2:30P - Consequence of Sound / Rock It Out Blog! Party @ Republic Live
Mar 19 8:00P - Guero’s Austin, Texas
Mar 20 1:00P - WOXY / Ship Party - @Home Slice Pizza

What do like most about playing at SXSW?
Two great things about SXSW are being able to stumble upon great new bands from all over the world and seeing friends from around the country in the same place.

Are you out promoting anything?
We are promoting out new album Spells, which is out on Autumn Tone Records.

Are there any bands or musicians that you are looking forward to checking out?
I haven't seen the entire lineup of bands, but our producer David Newton is playing in Everybody Was in the French Resistance....Now! with Eddy Argos of Art Brut. So we will definitely be checking them out.

What are the challenges in playing at SXSW?
There are a lot of shows going on so the competition for eyeballs can be intense. It is also tough for bands who have to move their gear all around Austin all day and night.

Do you have any survival tips?
Think of SXSW as a fun experience/vacation and not a do or die moment in your career.

Are you more "stick around, check out music and enjoy the scene" or "play as many shows as possible then get out"?
We try to spread the shows out over four or five days so we get to do both!!!

Any additional comments?
Enjoy the great food in Austin!


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