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01 March 2010

:papercutz - SXSW Interview and Video


Porto, Porto Portugal

SXSW Show Times:
First one...Prague on Saturday, March 20 at 10:00 p.m.

What do like most about playing at SXSW?
To be invited to play at such a Festival is always an honor and we like to face new audiences and challenges on stage.

Are you out promoting anything?
We've actually got a new release coming out on UK's Audiobulb around April, which is a remix album of our debut work "Lylac" (with remixes from artists like Taylor Deupree, Helios, Jasper TX, Simon Scott, and others) and we're already working on new songs for our next original album. One or two of these we'll surface at SXSW but we're mostly promoting our live shows, something we're keen to pursue internationally.

Are there any bands or musicians that you are looking forward to checking out?
Spoon, Azure Ray, Efterklang, The XX, Hauschka, Fanfarlo, Neon Indian, Pivot...among others.

What are the challenges in playing at SXSW?
Flying into the U.S. filled with backline is supposedly, after 9/11 a nightmare!

Do you have any survival tips?
Believe in yourself and work accordingly to your desired outcome. Also, be professional but friendly. Your success in the music business, besides the actual music you make, also depends on your ability to network, make fans and connect with people in the industry. A good opportunity can can lead to an even better one if you do your best. Don’t have an attitude, play great shows, work out where your music fits in the world and do what you can to get people to listen to your the end of the day, your fans are your biggest achievement, so treat them as such.

Are you more "stick around, check out music and enjoy the scene" or "play as many shows as possible then get out"?
Play as many shows as possible first but also enjoy the scene and check out music. Play hard but work harder.

Any additional comments?
We've been asked  to cover the SXSW experience for Myspace Portugal so if you want to be famous just drop by our shows and get your lovely face right in front of our photographer's camera :)


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