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01 November 2010

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 59 - November 1st Edition featuring Violens, My Dry Wet Mess, Warpaint, TV Girl, Crystal Stilts, Times New Viking, The War on Drugs, Tu Fawning and Lord Huron

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 59 Hosted By Andrew McNair Featuring:

1. Violens: Acid Reign, Amoral on Friendly Fire/Static Recital
2. My Dry Wet Mess: Etcetera, Irrational Alphabet on Magical Properties
3. Warpaint: Undertow, The Fool on Rough Trade
4. TV Girl: If You Want It, TV Girl, self-released (
5. Crystal Stilts: Shake the Shackles, Shake the Shackles 7" on Slumberland Records
6. Times New Viking: No Room to Live, No Room To Live 7" (tour-only 7")
7. The War on Drugs: Comin' Through, Future Weather EP on Secretly Canadian Records
8. Tu Fawning: The Felt Sense, Hearts on Hold on Cityslang
9. Lord Huron: Mighty, Mighty EP, self-released

Andrew McNair lives in Seattle. Aside from producing the OnlineRock podcast and writing record reviews, he spends his days helping people fix their broken internets at a local internet service provider.

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