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28 April 2011

!!! at Coachella, Friday April 15, 2011

By Lauren Lloyd

Owning the Outdoor Theatre at 2:20pm on Friday, Coachella’s first day, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) “came to set it off,” as said by Nic Offer, lead vocals. And the Sacramento-based eight-person band certainly did. The ripe crowd danced, sang, jumped and clapped along with the encouraging band. My left foot is broken, and I couldn’t help but tap along with the fun dance beats. Their third song was the popular “Must Be The Moon,” which they performed awesomely. Offer, dressed in his usual short shorts, couldn’t seem to stay on stage, leaping into the crowd during the first song, then again for the second, perching himself on a brawny fan’s shoulders. During another song he hopped from the stage once more, straddled the fence to the right of the stage, then bounced through the audience, high-fiving ecstatic fans. Rightful brag: I received a high-five. He definitely steals the show with his eccentric dance moves, sometimes delightfully provocative, many times reminiscent of Mick Jagger. However, Shannon Funchess, the band’s female vocalist who can rock the zils off of a tambourine, stole the show at the end as she reappeared for the last song. “Coachella, you know how we feel about you,” Offer said to the crowd. And !!!, you know how we feel about you. You strapped us into our dance shoes and forced us to move. Thank you!!!

Photo credit: Lauren Lloyd


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