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30 April 2011

CSS at Coachella, Sunday April 17, 2011

By Rami Evens-Esh

What is there to say about flamboyant rockstars from Brazil hitting the desert of California, hailing from what many think may be the rainforest? I think that combination screams ultimate party. The real question is how did Kurt Cobain's former record label, Sub Pop, which now pumps out acts like Handsome Furs, find CSS? I'm not so sure. CSS has joined the ranks of other non-U.S. acts like Yelle and Bomba Esbull.

But CSS's "Art Bitch" song won me over and easily became one of the reasons I moved to LA. from New Jersey. When I saw "Let's Make Love" performed, it inspired the dance in me and it was perfect to groove to. Lead singer Lovefoxx surfed into the crowd numerous times, gave the security guards a work out and rocked the Cansei de Ser Sexy self-titled album. From the iPod commercial to the numerous rocking rave clubs where this music plays, CSS has garnered a significant amount of fame in the United States and left their crowd happy. Almost nothing beats the smoking Lovefoxx dressed in a matador costume, which was definitely one of the highlights of Coachella. CSS is the real deal.


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