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30 April 2011

Death From Above 1979 at Coachella, Sunday April 17, 2011

By Justin Gutierrez

I first stumbled across Death From Above 1979 while perusing the used music section at Fingerprints in Long Beach, California. I figured, how bad can an album be when the group is ballsy enough to put elephant trunks on their faces? I fell hard for their heavy-hitting sound, but I soon realized the band disbanded in 2006. My hopes of ever seeing them live were dashed.

When I heard the band had reunited in February and were planning to play Coachella, all that changed. Sunday's festivities were well under way when Death From Above (a two-member drum and bass sort of band, mind you) took the Coachella main stage. Though they appeared as mere specks on the goliath stage, their sound was larger than life. It was fast and loud like Queens of the Stone Age, but a majority of their performance had a danceable rhythm for the crowd to get down on. What was really powerful was hearing Jesse Keeler grind out his heavily distorted and fast bass lines that I know so well from countless listening. For an avid fan like myself, seeing a Canadian band who had disbanded for half a decade on the famous Coachella main stage was a dream come true. The music did seem a bit rushed and incomprehensible at times, giving me the impression that these fellows were not quite on their A-game. But this is only their second tour stop (the first being South by Southwest in Austin, Texas), so they may still be locking into their groove. I can only hope they'll return soon or be in the market for a new album!


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