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29 April 2011

Delta Spirit at Coachella, Saturday April 16, 2011

By Lauren Lloyd

Rocking Coachella’s Outdoor Theatre on Saturday, the hottest day of the festival, Delta Spirit presented a refreshing rock sound during their 4:05pm-4:55pm set. Although the desert sun still blazed upon concertgoers, a sizeable crowd grew quickly to see this native Californian band from Long Beach. Perhaps the three giant fans spinning onstage behind the band helped beckon boiling Coachellers, too. Enthusiastic fans crowded the stage and clapped along with the soulful band. Dressed in a black Hawaiian shirt adorned with blue and pink flowers, lead singer/guitarist Matthew Vasquez and his shoulder-length brown locks blowing in the breeze captivated the audience. His humble hotness and raw, flawless vocals mesmerized the entire time, as did the obvious chemistry between the band mates. Relentless in their touring, it was no surprise that these five musicians entertained the overheated, dehydrated crowd. The day performances were definitely at an entertainment disadvantage, lacking the showy lights that enhanced the night sets. When you play during the day, you just have your musical talents and stage presence to awe the crowd, and Delta Spirit absolutely delivered. Their multi-instrumentalism is incredible to witness – band members banged on orchestral bass drums and trashcan lids, strummed guitars and basses and wailed on a harmonica. They played a splendid mix of songs from their first album, Ode to Sunshine, which they self-produced in 2007, and their second album, History from Below, which was released in June of 2010. Their energetic performance of “Children” off their first album rippled through the crowd, bodies dancing along with their drum poundings. They thanked the crowed for attending, and we thank you, Delta Spirit, for rocking.

Photo credit: Lauren Lloyd


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