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19 April 2011

Elbow welcomes you to their new video with "Open Arms"

Many of you might already know the soul-lifting power of a band called Elbow. Some of you may even have witnessed their dynamic might at Coachella, where they played on Saturday.

Elbow is a five-piece British alternative rock band that has been around since 1990, that artists like Radiohead, Coldplay and U2 have heartily endorsed, and who have been at the high ends of the U.K. music charts more than a few times.

They have a new album out now called Build a Rocket, Boys! and have just released a video for their single, "Open Arms," which has a deep, rich classical-infused sound that builds over the refrain of "We've got open arms for broken hearts." It's an intricately woven journey.

Frontman Guy Garvey said in a 2008 Daily News article, "Volume dynamics are an essential part of classical music, but a lost art with guitar music. I think it's incredibly boring and shortsighted if a band sticks with just one sound song for song. An album should take people on a journey." If you like Peter Gabriel, Radiohead and Talk Talk, Elbow will be your next favorite thing.

For both fans and newcomers alike, Online Rock is proud to show the new animated video here, with another option for watching posted afterward, because it is also too awesome not to display.

Elbow- 'Open Arms' from trunk animation on Vimeo.

Below is a video of a live recording at Blueprint Studios:

Hope you enjoyed! If you did, check out Elbow's website for more good stuff.


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