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30 April 2011

Foster the People at Coachella, Sunday April 17, 2011

By Mariana Uribe

With so many bands to see and experiences to experience at Coachella, one cannot expect for people to stick around for half an hour waiting for a band to get through sound check difficulties. It is even more unexpected for people to wait around for a band who has not even released a full-length album. Yet crowds began staking their spots in the tent for Foster the People before the performance was even scheduled to begin. While the sound check was sprinkled with boos from a restless crowd, it hampered neither the energy nor the performance once the group finally emerged. Foster the People formed two years ago and in the last year, has skyrocketed to success with the song “Pumped up Kicks”; however, you could tell at certain points throughout the set by the looks on Mark Foster’s face that even he did not expect a crowd that size to be so, well, pumped about their music. While performing their signature song, he paused for a brief minute, seemingly marveling at the crowd singing his lyrics. What started as a one-man act has now blossomed into a five-man powerhouse of a group, and the performance was packed with so much energy, movement, drum-banging and dancing from every member that the audience couldn’t help but return that energy. It felt like the group made a pact to give the performance of their lives, and it paid off. The sunset show stayed packed until the very end, and nobody seemed to remember the technical difficulties by the time it was over. The only difficulty now is to wait until June for their album’s release.

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