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06 April 2011

Lisa Savidge secret revealed (sort of) - plus CD Review

OnlineRock loves juicy gossip as much as the next ambiguous online personality, and though this may not be your typical he-turned-she transsexual scenario, there is something interesting to say about Lisa Savidge's misleading gender identity.

That is, Lisa Savidge is no purse-toting, high heels-wearing femme fatale, rather, they are a five-piece all male band that "seems to be able to morph their sound, touching on several genres within one song." Perhaps their sound is intricately linked to their overall style and their name reflects that. Either way, read the full OLR review by Tim Rosini here.

Also be on the lookout for upcoming Lisa Savidge shows because they're on tour now:

April 7: Portland, OR
April 8: Seattle, WA
April 9: Olympia, WA
April 28: Phoenix, AZ
May 21: Scottsdale, AZ

One more flip of the lip before we go: They were recently booked in Santa Monica as a part of an all-girls rock show, which we think is pretty awesome. OnlineRock might tell you we have a live review of this show on its way, or we might let you wonder whether that statement is a he-said or a she-said. Sometimes it's healthy to keep you guessing. But I will tell you this: keep your eyes peeled.


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