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28 April 2011

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFGKTA) at Coachella, Friday April 15, 2011

By Rami Evens-Esh

OFGKTA, or Odd future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, has been sought out by almost every hipster who loves rap but thinks Wu Tang is the only source of that genre. Have no fear because Coachella brought them to us. Unfortunately, Earl, who is arguably the best rapper of them all, whose unknown whereabouts build the mystique of the group on a daily basis, (he is supposedly in rehab/boot camp) did not make an appearance, and the fearless leader in Tyler the Creator did not make for the best of performances out of hip hop. Taking the stage nearly twenty minutes late after having sound problems, the best part of the set was definitely Tyler's stage dive after spitting one verse. Goblin will come out on May 11th and ring some bells as the first OFWGKTA CD via Tyler the Creator.


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