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29 April 2011

Shpongle "Presents the Shpongleton Experience" at Coachella, Saturday April 16, 2011

By Justin Gutierrez 

If you were in the Sahara tent during Shpongle's DJs set, you were sure to see acid heads, stoners and Burning Man enthusiasts in addition to quite an amazing visual and musical performance. Simon Posford (Shpongle was a solo DJ act during this occasion) was posted up high in a psychedelic totem fortress complete with a watchful Eye in the Sky at top. Falling under the sub-genre of electronic music called Psytrance, Shpongle created a soundscape of bizarre samples and affected voices atop driving dance beats. As you danced like a devil amidst a thousand other fans, the DJ's elevated performance booth evolved the visual show into ever more complex and ethereal patterns. What seemed to pervade the music was the recurrent theme of complex flute and guitar samples, providing a familiar ground as the remaining samples rocketed off into trance-inducing rhythm. Even if you do not consider yourself a fan of Psytrance, Shpongle's performance was a great way to appreciate the genre, with or without the use of illicit psychotropic drugs.


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