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28 April 2011

Warpaint at Coachella, Friday April 15, 2011

By Justin Gutierrez

This girl-rock group performed Friday, on the sunny lawn of the Outdoor Stage during the heat of the day. Their sound was structured around airy, female vocals, thick reverberant harmonies that are reminiscent of the dream-pop group Cocteau Twins. For some reason, the band's name and their drummer's use of knitted mallets instead of drumsticks seemed to fit together nicely; her beating of the floor tom with the mallet's soft end was like an echo from some distant Native American war dance. Sustained guitar notes in the upper register added sharp color to the music, giving it an ethereal feel. Sure, the avid fans were in a large hoard in front, cheering on the group, but many were lounging around, taking in the sun, eating a slice of greasy pizza or just resting their feet. If you were at the festival, Warpaint was a relaxing musical experience to bring you down from the aggressive sounds of the Sahara dance tent. If you are a fan of the dream-pop genre (Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil), Warpaint may have been a nice transition for you into the world of indie-rock that Friday.


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