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13 May 2011

Dave Stewart will release solo album, The Blackbird Diaries June 28

Eurythmics fans may be excited to know, co-founder of Eurythmics, Dave Stewart, is set to release a solo album called The Blackbird Diaries at the end of June. It features many prominent musicians and was a very different type of songwriting for Stewart. He has been known for pop-rock hits such as "Here Comes The Rain Again" and "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)," but this album gives him the room to rock free and explore some more intimate and personal tales from his own life. Rooted in rock, country and blues, The Blackbird Diaries is more story-driven and autobiographical, told through rich and detailed lyrics of love conquered and love lost. Stewart has enjoyed a 30-year long career that encompasses more than 100 million album sales, a Lifetime Achievement Award with Eurythmics partner Annie Lennox, numerous awards for songwriting and producing, as well as a history of scoring films, but this is a whole new endeavor that should be very promising.

It's set to feature all new material, some of it in collaboration with other major musicians, including duets with Stevie Nicks, Martina McBride and Colbie Caillat. Bob Dylan co-writes a track on this album, and it also features The Secret Sisters, along with a stellar assortment of musicians, including guitarist Tom Bukovac, drummer Chad Cromwell, bassist Michael Rhodes, steel guitarist Dan Dugmore and Mike Rojas on piano.

Dave remarked on the creation of the album, "This was my favorite time ever in the studio. I wrote most of the songs on the spot and recorded all of them in one incredible session lasting 5 days and nights."

Be sure to watch for the album, due for release on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 from Weapons of Mass Entertainment/Surfdog Records/Razor and Tie.

Here's a sneak preview of The Blackbird Diaries tracklisting:

1. So Long Ago
2. Beast Called Fame
3. Magic In The Blues
4. All Messed Up (featuring Martina McBride)
5. Stevie Baby
6. Cheaper Than Free (featuring Stevie Nicks)
7. The Gypsy Girl and Me
8. One Way Ticket To The Moon (featuring The Secret Sisters)
9. Bulletproof Vest (featuring Colbie Caillat)
10. Worth The Waiting For
11. The Well
12. Country Wine (featuring The Secret Sisters)

Along with the album, Stewart also made "an unusual film...that not only features all the musicians and performers, but also gives away some of my writing secrets, which involves both a well known fortune teller and hypnotist who allowed themselves to be filmed in session with me."

Here's the trailer for the film:

You can download an mp3 of "Magic in the Blues" here or visit Dave Stewart's website.


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