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16 May 2011

The Kills Live at the Musicbox, Los Angeles

by Tim Rosini

With the recent release of their latest album “Blood Pressures” The Kills are currently touring America before heading back overseas. was lucky enough to be at their show in Hollywood at the Musicbox in Los Angeles.
The Musicbox, located right off route 101 on Hollywood Blvd, provides a perfect atmosphere for a band like the Kills. Dim lit chandeliers, Victorian age décor, and architecture give the inside an English rustic look. The paintings on the wall also give off an 18th century English air. The balcony overhang seemed cozy enough to relax and enjoy the show from a higher atmosphere, while also providing enough room to pick out a spot and head bang away.
For those of you who know the Kills and their music, you know the two person duo of Jamie Hince and Allison Mosshart puts to great use a drum machine on every one of their tracks. As they entered the darkened stage and took their places, I could already feel the frenetic energy through the cheering crowd. Mosshart seemed ready to let loose as she frantically paced the stage, stalking her microphone like an animal ready to pounce at the drop of the beat and crunch of guitars. The drum machine kicked into gear and Hince began the intro to “No Wow." The steady beat with Mosshart’s tireless energy and soulful croon kept the crowd cheering and desperately wanting more. Playing almost all of their songs off the new album, the highlights of the show were: Satellite, Future starts slow; Hear is a beating drum, U.R.A. Fever, D.N.A, and Baby Says. Their timing was perfect in every song, and for just two people the fullness of sound was nothing short of spectacular. Mosshart was tireless with her sexy energetic stage presence, bounding around during every song, while keeping in perfect timing and tune with Hince and the drums.
If Mosshart provided the voice and energy, Hince was the mastermind of the music and backbone to every sound the band produces. His hypnotic chugging riffs and soft harmonic vocals provide the necessary ingredients to make these two as successful and musically skillful as they are.
After the last number, the crowd refused to be swayed that it was the end, (or they knew the set list called for a three song encore). Either way, the energy never died down from “No Wow” to the last song of the regular set, “Sour Cherry”. Sure enough, Mosshart and Hince came back out to complete the three song encore and provided the perfect musical bookend to a great night of music.
For those of you who are fans of The Kills, I highly recommend seeing them in concert. Their sound is very high quality and playing live takes nothing away from Mosshart’s voice or Hince’s playing. The songs sound very similar to the album versions, and with the lively energy provided by Mosshart (I don’t know how she wasn’t either sweating profusely or out of breath) and the steady, perfected timing of Hince’s musical ability and backing harmonizing vocals, the Kills make for a great live show.


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