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31 May 2011

Watch Jake Troth's music video for "Material Things"

Okay, kids. Time to update you on an artist to watch for this summer, if you haven't already caught the fever.

Mixing catchy electronic beats, light and happy whistling, easy-to-follow claps, lyrics about modern materialistic delusions and vocal reverb, Jake Troth is here to add his sound to the mix of modern pop tunes. Echoing the hip stylings of MGMT, Passion Pit and Vampire Weekend, his single "Material Things" is practically already jumping into college playlists everywhere. Your soul may not experience any deep expansion after listening, but it's catchy and fun, and it makes you want to whistle along. You just might catch yourself singing along to lyrics like "No, you're not a measure of what's in your pocket/ But it's certainly a pleasure just to buy a gold locket."

Watch the video, which is quite entertaining, and watch for Jake Troth's compilation of singles called Just Let Go out June 16th. Talk around town is he'll have an EP out during summer.

Here's what Jake says about the song you just heard: "Material Things' is a love song. It's about the love of the world I grew up watching on television in the 80s. The ridiculously expensive and lavish lives of those people I always wanted to be. The songs short length is derived from the short attention span of pop culture, and it's melodies are as intoxicating as any cocktail. Beneath the patent leather and rhinestones though, there is an honest confession of what it means to be truly overtaken by this beautifully destructive disease: materialism."



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