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28 June 2011

Free Download - Pepper Rabbit remixes "Gold Skull"

By Nancy Woo

What happens when you cross a rabbit and a tiger?

The answer is: something quite delightful, actually. For example, psych-pop duo Pepper Rabbit's remix of the song "Gold Skull," originally by indie-pop group Miniature Tigers (who have a song on the Easy A soundtrack), is a perfectly melded little mutant song baby that will have you happy and relaxed.

Sometimes crossing two different breeds goes horribly awry, but I can safely tell you that while the original song is not half bad, the remix of "Gold Skull" is something else entirely. And the best part is you can download it for free.

Pepper Rabbit: Duo Xander Singh and Luc Laurent.

The catchy pop infusion of electronic effects lifts "Gold Skull" up into the realms of complete happy happy joy joy after Pepper Rabbit works their magic on it. They add layers and textures that turn the song into a sitting-by-an-open-window, letting the breeze lick at you, fantastic floating fairies kind of feeling. It is oh-so-delightful, charming, upbeat but swaying in rhythm, with enough room amid the reverbed vocals and revved-up synth for bare moments of clapping drumsticks and enough momentum forward that at 2:37 this is a song to be played over and over again.

In order to listen, you must download the three song EP by Pepper Rabbit called Rose Mary Stretch. You can download the EP here, and read more about them if you wish.

And if you do find yourself partial to Pepper Rabbit's spacey electro sound, they will have a full-length album out August 9th called Red Velvet Snow Ball off Kanine Records. For more information,

Miniature Tigers will have their second album FORTRESS out July 27th. Check it here.

Now, IF you have listened to the Pepper Rabbit remix, you can now watch the original "Gold Skull" video here:

Thanks, and enjoy.


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