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14 June 2011

Song of the Week starts.... now

By Nancy Woo

Okay avid sound biters, OnlineRock has another sound byte trick up his or her sleeve (we're not quite sure what we are yet) that we are very excited to share with you. From now own, our regular podcast provider Andrew McNair will be giving us his favorite song pick out of all the new music out every week. From his trolling of music soundboards and label release sites, we have to present to you (drumroll and curtains drawn, please) the Song of the Week!

The Song of the Week may be a particularly outstanding masterpiece from some already best loved band, a new little gem from someone yet undiscovered or simply something that is especially unique, original or different. There will be no limit to genres or styles.

The Song of the Week will be released every Friday (we know, today is Tuesday, we're working out the kinks while we get this thing a-rollin').

So for our first Song of the Week, here is Andrew's pick for last week, Friday June 10th:

Song title: "The Other Shoe"
Artist: Fucked Up
From the album: David Comes to Life

Here's what Andrew says: You think you might have made your mind up about hardcore music, but Fucked Up's new album David Comes to Life will have you checking your assumptions at the door. DCTL is a four-act, 78 minute rock opera about love, loss, labor and bombs in Thatcher-era England. "The Other Shoe" is the clear stand-out track of the album, marrying Damian Abraham's throat-ripping vocals with the the catchy, heavy melody coming from Mike Haliechuk and the rest of Fucked Up.

You can download it and three other songs from the band's website, or the entire album is available for streaming at NPR.

Have a song you think should be song of the week? E-mail with "Song of the Week" in the subject line.

P.S. Did anyone else listen to the song, think the term "rock opera" and conjure up images of Jason Segel and his Dracula puppet? No, just me?


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