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21 July 2011

The Black Lips release "New Direction" video

By Nancy Woo

Rambunctious "flower punk" band the Black Lips have recently released the third video from their new album, Arabia Mountain.

The zebra always steals the show...

In the "New Direction" video, the four high-flying members of the Black Lips somersault, fly and generally rock the green screen in a fun, amped up skirmish with the cameras. With plenty of room for mischievous antics, it's a music video to get you pumped up for your own new direction, whether that's playing guitar through the Andes or trying out a new breakfast cereal before your daily trip to the office. Let a little of this infectious spirit catch you by the britches, and enjoy:

For those who have been following the Black Lips since they released their first disc off their own label Die Slaughterhaus in 2003, and for those who may be newly smitten with these hunkalicious punks, the Black Lips' new album Arabia Mountain was released June 7, 2011 and is available for not too many nickels and dimes off

Or check out some more Black Lips goodies at Vice Records.


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