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22 July 2011

Zomby, Free Music Friday at OnlineRock - July 22

by Andrew McNair

Hot on the tail of the Wiley album from last week, I've found a new free track from Zomby, another artist from the garage scene. On "A Devil Lay Here," from his second album, Dedication on 4AD, Zomby's moved away from more straightforward grime and dubstep to what can best be described music that sounds like it was taken from a really cool, really dark video game. The bass and drum line would be at home in a mellow garage-beat song, but the synth lines on top of them sound like Vangelis composing music for an NES game in the best possible way. I've been listening to this track non-stop since I began writing this piece, and will probably listen to it a few times more before the night is over. If you were driving around late at night in the fog, this would be the perfect soundtrack to accompany you.

You can download the track and find more information about the album here:


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