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22 August 2011

Album You Need to Download by Little Shalimar

By Nancy Woo

Okay. Rarely is news so pressing and important as this, but when a musical artist appears on the scene so dynamic, fresh, intriguing and compelling as Little Shalimar, it is only appropriate we herald the apparition with ringing bells and multi-colored streamers and dancing ladies - as much as we can on our little corner of the web universe, that is. But by all means, you will be dancing and streaming to this album that I am making such a fuss about: It's called
The New Pneumonia Blues by the funkalicious solo artist Little Shalimar.

I couldn't agree more with the description that
The New Pneumonia Blues is a "genre-defying pop album that will rock you like the Black Keys, groove you like the Dap Kings, and crack you up like Ween (sometimes all at once), with a sound that's at once both retro and decidedly 'now.'"

Almost like a tickling blend of the best of southern funk, urban Beck and new electronic experimental beats, with a slight hint of Native American chants, crazy punk, guitar shredding and Beat poetry, this is an album that truly defies genres and offers the world a never-before-heard diamond sparkling with so many facets you have to listen to it to understand.

The reason for the urgency is because the album is offered for free today, August 22, 2011, from to celebrate the release date, and I really want everyone to download it. However, no big deal if you miss the window of free (not exactly sure how long it lasts) because you can stream it or buy for only $8 from Bandcamp, and this is an artist worth supporting. He's the type of artist who makes you scratch your head, move your hips and wonder, what exactly will he come up with next?

Interestingly, the entire album was conceived by Little Shalimar, aka Torbitt Schwartz, the drummer of a band called Chin Chin, during the winter of 2010 while he was bedridden with pneumonia. Who knew that illness was the key to dynamic, eclectic, accomplished music making? Little Shalimar brings some Brooklyn style to the world with this debut solo EP, and will surely impress fans of fun, odd, constantly grooving original music. Especially recommended if you like Dr. John, Can, Tom Tom Club, Jimi Hendrix, and Gnarls Barkley.

No more to be said. Download it now!

Or get more Little Shalimar.


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