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10 August 2011

Byrds bassist John York and Kim Fowley Collaborate on 'West Coast Revelation' Album

By Nancy Woo

Petaluma-based Global Recording Artists has just released a new CD, West Coast Revelation, which is a meeting of giants with music written and performed by former Byrds member John York and lyrics by legendary rock & roll lyricist/ producer Kim Fowley.

Though John York only played bass for the Byrds for two years, 1968 and 1969, his work appeared on Dr. Byrds and Mr. Hyde and Ballad of Easy Rider, and the band was one of the most influential of the times. He has also worked with musical acts such as the Sir Douglas Quintet, The Mamas and the Papas and Johhny Rivers.

Kim Fowley, on the same hand, is a dynamic music producer, songwriter, film maker and radio actor who wrote many cult rock pop songs of the 60s, like "Alley Oop," which reached # 1 on the charts in 1960 and was credited to the non-existent band The Hollywood Argyles. How's that for tricky.

After John left the Byrds, Kim Fowley stepped in to write songs for the band with bassist Skip Battin. As rare survivors of one of the most tumultuous and exciting periods in rock 'n' roll history, these two have come together now to write, sing, play, produce and share interviews with their brand new CD West Coast Revelation. It tells the story of the 60s, a time of unparalleled creativity, through songs and conversations with the kind of veracity that can only be told by those who have lived through it.

Kim, the legendary wild-eyed prophet, gave momentum to the revelation while John York became its gentle musical craftsman; a skilled artisan. From Alley-Oop to The Byrds, they helped shape and form the times, unseen, sometimes unwashed and unnoticed. This is their chance to tell it all from the driver's seat, meanwhile creating new and original songs together that capture the essence of the Silver 60s but refuse to be bound by it.

For those of you who lived through the 60s delighted and starry-eyed, as well as those of you who only wished you did, West Coast Revelation sounds like a must-have. Listen to a sneak peek from Amazon if you want before you buy it.


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