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05 August 2011

Free Music Friday at Online Rock - August 5

Fridays have just gotten even better because we've decided to give away a whole handful of free music downloads rather than just one. And we picked them ourselves so we think they're worth sharing. Except for the first one, click to stream or right click to "save as." Then, determine whether you enjoy, and if so, enjoy!

A Handful of Hand-Picked Downloads

1. The Capstan Shafts - Kind Empires

Kind Empires is 14 tracks of noisy, upbeat, melodic lo-fi garage rock, none of them too much longer than two-minutes (and some significantly shorter). In the spirit of The Capstan Shafts, I'll keep this brief as well. As I listen to catchy hook after catchy hook, all I can think of is how Dean Wells, the man behind The Capstan Shafts, reminds me of Robert Pollard. This album is full of gems. It's available for any price (you can name yours: even $0 is completely kosher). But you might feel inclined to toss a few dollars his way after listening to this. -Contributed by our resident podcast putter-together Andrew McNair

2. The Bandana Splits - "Sometimes"

These spirited Brooklyn power pop girls debut some groovy 3-part harmonies off their first album called, adorably, Mr Sam Presents The Bandana Splits, out August 18th via Boy Scout Recordings. Grab a milkshake and get flirty with their Motown grooves infused with a bit of Brazilian psychedelia and a tasteful dash of classic country schmaltz.

3. Mikal Cronin - "Get Along"

Produced by long-time friend Ty Segall and joined by friends like Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer and Charlie Moonheart, OC-native Mikal Cronin starts a promising career with whimsical psychedelics, tasteful layering and crafty hooks in this song that pulls you in like a fish on a hook. You can anticipate his self-titled debut album out September 20th off Trouble in Mind Records.

4. The Rs - "Mr. Hide"

Hailing from northern Italy, the Rs give off a vibe of West Coast classic psychedelia, British mod, and Elephant 6-evocative twee psych all rolled into one. They're a fun bunch, or so it seems. Their debut album De Fauna Et Flora will be out later this year, so stay tuned to their website.

5. Rodney Parker and 50 Peso Reward - "Skin and Bones"

Heartfelt, aching and genuine, powered by Rodney Parker's compelling vocals and an intimate banjo, this acoustic country roots song possesses that rare, special little something that tends to hide in corners waiting for the right moment to emerge. It's off an album that was recorded in the Texas band's home for a tight-knit audience of 30 people, released on the Live in the Living Room album.

What, we're at the end already? Pout. But thanks for joining! See you next week. -Nancy Woo


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