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12 August 2011

Free Music Friday at Online Rock - August 12, 2011

Hayyyyyyaaaa! Thank G. it's Friday because we've got some awesome music for your weekend. Again, it's a whole handful of tunes rather than one lonely little melody, so read on for a non-genre driven medley of free downloads.

A Handful of Hand-picked Downloads
1. Bill Ryder-Jones - A Taking Leave Soundtrack

When I first listened to Bill Ryder-Jones's new EP, A Taking Leave Soundtrack, I was impressed by the desolation and loneliness of the music (all four songs instrumentals). I was taken completely by surprise, then, when I found out that Ryder-Jones is only 28 (and formerly the guitarist for The Coral). His music sounds like it comes from a more older, more world-weary person. You'll have to hand over your email address to get on his mailing list to download the EP, but given what this sounds like (spare, melancholy, beautifu l) and what his upcoming album is going to be (apparently based on Italo Calvino's If on a winter's night a traveler …), you'll look forward to news from Bill Ryder-Jones.

-Contributed by free music expert Andrew McNair

2. Tom Morello - "It Begins Tonight" (click to stream or right click to save as) 

Okay, hard rock and alternative rock fans, just in case you think Online Rock is getting a touch too soft, we've got a hair-ripping, super pumped-up song for you from "the Nightwatchman" Tom Morello, who has 14 studio albums under his belt. Listen to this heavy bar-fight song that will certainly alert you to the fact that something is begi nning tonight, and watch out for his new album World Wide Rebel Songs out August 15th via New West Records. Morello said of the new album, "I wanted to capture a vibe midway between Johnny Cash and Che Guevara, murder ballads and Molotov anthems." Stay informed here.

3. Dominant Legs - "Hoop of Love" (via Stereogum)

Let yourself love what you love: the idea is simple and yet the act is deceivingly hard. Nevertheless, when you are in the presence of Ryan William Lynch, songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist for San Francisco's Dominant Legs, you know without question that he has done just that. And he's asking you to join him. I can almost guarantee that you will love "Hoop of Love," so infectious and full of bursting happy feelings is it. Dominant Legs' pop songs are culled from the textures of past decades, but with a classic songwriting approach, shot through with addictive synth melodies and vocal harmonies. Get more from their Facebook!

4. Correatown - "Isomer" (via Paste Magazine)

Eerie and melodic, this is a brand new song from the band's forthcoming sophomore full length Pleiades, due out September 20th via the band's own label Another Room Recordings. This track is a synth-studded dream, illuminated by singer Angela Correa's unadulterated vocals and dreamy, surreal otherworldly execution. Wait 'til you get halfway through, too, for a haunting surprise.

5. The Black Angels - "Yellow Elevator #2" (via

We gave you a little preview of the neo-psychedelic Black Angels' new album Phosphene Dream and subsequent tour dates earlier this month, but now we can happily follow up by offering a free download of this song, which is the third track off the new CD. Satisfying trippy, with cymbals clashing, guitars plucking and dreamy vocals weaving upside down and inside out throughout, I recommend taking a journey on the second yellow elevator.

6. The Dirty Pearls - "Static" (Stream or download)

Emerging from Manhattan’s lower east side, The Dirty Pearls have charged head first into the music scene with electric guitars, bass, drums, and soaring vocals. The band taps into the roots of rock and roll music and uses the grunge and grime of New York City’s nightlife to further inspire their sound, which has been compared to the New York Dolls, JET, and Andrew WK. Their new LP Whether You Like It Or Not drops in January 2012 on Rivington Records, so bookmark the Dirty Pearls website.

That's all. Thanks for "tuning" in, see ya next time!

-Musically yours, Nancy Woo


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