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19 August 2011

Free Music Friday - August 19, 2011

What a beautiful Friday. And what a beautiful thing it is to be able to count on a handful of free songs every Friday from Online Rock. Let's get right down to business and get you rolling with some awesome new music.


1. Adios Amigo - Adios Amigo EP

This week, I've found an EP released a few weeks ago by San Francisco band, Adios Amigo. Starting off with a rollicking instrumental track, the rest of the self-titled EP continues to slow down as it progresses with a dose of mid-tempo jangle-pop and guitar work that sounds reminiscent of Red House Painters or The Sea and Cake. Each successive track feels mellower than the last: a good EP for the setting sun.

-Contributed by eclectic music personality Andrew McNair

2. Cameras - "I Know"

Cameras is a trio from Syndey, Australia that has created a sound simultaneously light and dark, atmospheric and haunting. This song, "I Know," which features some beautifully ethereal piano, is a sneak preview of their forthcoming debut LP In Your Room out October 25th via Manimal Vinyl, the same label as Warpaint, Bat For Lashes and papercranes. Stay tuned at

3. John Steel Singers - "Rainbow Kraut" (right click to save as)

We've got some infectious melodies, falsettos, and sky-high harmonies in this song, not to mention a heralding of trumpets with some other optimistic instrumentation. The John Steel Singers will be releasing their debut album Tangalooma very soon, so watch for it from

4. Carrie Clark & The Lonesome Lovers - "Bum Bah Dum" (right click to save as)

Infused with classic country crooning, astute observation and soulfulness, this song exemplifies Carrie Clark's wide diversity in styles. From her forthcoming debut album Between the Bed Sheets and Turpentine, Clark ranges from country to surging rock to music hall numbers and jazz. Listen for more at

5. Icarus Himself - "On Your Side" (right click to save as)

Perhaps saving the best for last, this song is a true pleasure, a delightful ocean-lulling lullaby, both hypnotic and dreamy. Icarus Himself’s sophomore full-length album Career Culture is a sonic cinema in electro-psych-folk, drenched in the influences of artists like Kurt Vile, Deerhunter, The Who, and David Bowie, truly worth a listen and out October 11th from Science of Sound records. Stay tuned at

And once again, thanks for your attention. Hope you picked up something you enjoy.

-Nancy Woo


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