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26 August 2011

Free Music Friday - August 26, 2011

Welcome to the very last rendition of Free Music Fridays for the month of August in the year of 2011. August 2011 will never happen again, and neither will this wonderful playlist, so to go out with a bang, we've got one last STUPENDOUS handful of hand-picked songs to send your way before ushering you into the grand old month of September. This is really a great playlist with some truly unique and talented musicians from varying genres, so I hope everyone can find at least one song they like.

1.  Debbie Neigher - Self-titled EP (from Bandcamp)

This week, I'm featuring an album from Debbie Neigher, an artist I featured in my July 15th podcast. Her self-titled album is full of smart, catchy piano pop that's sure to strike your fancy if you're a fan of artists like Nellie McKay, Ben Folds or Regina Spektor. The album was produced by John Vanderslice and is available at any price (including free) on Bandcamp.

-Contributed by "The Podcast Guy," Andrew McNair

2. Saadi - "Take It Easy" (click to stream or right click to save as)

This one will really help you relax and shed the cares of the world. It's a straight up feel good reggae-driven light and upbeat dance tune. The name of the track doesn't disappoint, and by the end you will feel a little lighter on your feet, I can fairly guarantee. If only this track could play automatically during any moment of high stress, the troubles would all float away and leave you with a peaceful smile. For more of this Syrian-turned-synth queen, catch the Take It Easy EP off Red Bud Records, released yesterday, from iTunes or Bandcamp.

3. Miracles of Modern Science - "Eating Me Alive" (link to secure download)

Ooh, now here's a must-listen blend of classic stringed instruments with modern clapping rock sounds, all woven together with slightly melancholy vocals, without a guitar in sight. This is a combination of truly astounding elements that will make you tilt your head in wonder, from the steady intro to the building crescendo to the dutiful breakdown, straight on through to the full-force ending. With a great acronym, MOMS, these guys use only mandolin, violin, cello, standup bass and drums to explode the rock in your ear. Seriously, listen for a real treat, and follow these fine folks at

4. The Reminding Ideas - "Vegetables" (click to listen or right click to save as)

If you have an itch for a certain style of "sounds like the universe" heavier rock with dark, melodic undertones, this band will satisfy that craving. With a steady rhythm that undulates underneath vocals reminiscent of She Wants Revenge and Incubus, The Reminding Ideas are, according to one half of the band, Matt Soule, “ultimately about the Universe, and emotions in the universe." You'll want to listen to this one, and remember to watch for their debut LP House of Weather out October 18, 2011 from Orangehand Records. Get more info from their website.

5. The Human League - "Night People" (click to listen or right click to save as)

Let's end with a song to pump you up before you head out into the neon glory of the night, ready to dance or otherwise get a little crazy. This glorious electronic, heavy bass-driven 80s-esque dance song accompanies black lights and drinks perfectly. A steady beat and a bit of reverb makes this song shine as bright as any dancefloor mix. Don your shiny shoes and do a little bit of moving. These guys have been around a while, so they're worth following at

See you all in September for another month of up-and-coming free music!

Splendiferously yours,
Nancy Woo


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