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09 August 2011

Intimate, striking music video "Atlas Hands" by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

By Nancy Woo

Benjamin Francis Leftwich. That name is quite a mouthful, not necessarily the catchy/quirky/clever monikers of some of these LA/Portland/big city everyday Joes-turned-college radio sensations. That may be because Benjamin Francis Leftwich is not from any U.S. big city - he's from York across the pond - and his songwriting tends to be achingly genuine, perhaps reflected in his decision to keep his real, though hefty, name. What you hear is what you get.

Now, I'd like to feature this new video by Benjamin Francis Leftwich called "Atlas Hands" because not only is the song nostalgically melodic and beautiful, the video is a perfect complement to the feeling of the song, intimate, tender and a little bittersweet. Plus, the photography is a visual treat and conceptually, it all fits together like two hands lovingly clasped. It's like a dreamscape we've all been to before.

Watch it here:

"Atlas Hands" recently won the BBC6 Music Rebel Playlist, and the single is going to be released September 4, 2011 off the label Dirty Hit.

However, if you love it, check out Leftwich's debut album last smoke before the snowstorm, available through different avenues from the songwriter's website, which also has some other great information. It was released July 4, 2011.

So, again with that touching sincerity I mentioned earlier, here is Leftwich's latest Tweet, worth sharing:

For all the craziness in the world there's always lots of good! Keep listening to good music and smiling and having fun. ALWAYS.x x

Sounds like a stand up fellow, and a lovely songwriter to boot. Maybe he should enter the International Songwriting Competition. Open to all. Thanks for listening.


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