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04 August 2011

It's the Biggest Sale of the Year at Musician's Friend

By Nancy Woo

August is the luckiest month for anyone looking to buy some new musical equipment because it's a BIG Sale! Up To 87% Off! Discounts, Rebates, Gifts & More! Free Shipping @ Musician's Friend. Exp. 8/31/2011. Musician's Friend is an valuable online resource for any wielder of instruments. Out of an already deal-beating 12 months, this is the time to really investigate some of those hot specials you've been saving up for.

Now's the time. Check it out: you can get up to 87% off music merchandise, like Mackie amps, Gibson guitars and "ddrum" drum sets.

87% off?? That's practically free! That means you're only paying 13% for your prized instrument! I don't know about you, but I'm under the impression starving artists like you could use that 87% you're saving on musical equipment for other extraneous things like, say, food and clothes. So go buy that new guitar you've been saving your pennies for, and then grab a hot meal!!

Remember how Mom always told you to finish your dinner before running into the garage to bang on the drums?
Well, you don't have to listen to her now, you independent person you, but you still gotta eat sometime.

In addition to some sweat-breaking deals, Musician's Friend has some other ultra-friendly offers, like coupon rebates, free gifts with certain items, and free shipping for just about everything. The deals last all the way through August, which means they expire at 11:59 PST on August 31st.

So what are you waiting for? Dive on in and peruse whichever section you're partial to because there's sure to be something so good you'll want to snag it before the snotty kid down your block finds out about it. Then, why don't you treat yourself to a nice juicy steak with those hundreds of dollars you just saved.

"Don't just blow it all on beer!" -Mom.

This has been a public service announcement from the writers of Online Rock.

Play music, find the free and chow down.


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