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25 August 2011

Must-See Live Performance of Ben Sollee's "Electrified"

By Nancy Woo

This live performance by vocalist and cellist Ben Sollee and his rock orchestra is so unique and captivating that I feel the need to spread it as far as possible. It's a deep, soulful kind of need that wells up from the inside and won't let me sleep until it's taken care of.

Even if this isn't your style of music, I can confidently guarantee that you've never heard anything quite like it before. Ben Sollee is a fairly amazing fellow in his own right, from his genre-bending tendencies to percussive style and political activism, and that becomes apparent from only a few seconds of watching this video - which then easily turns into minutes because the performance possesses that compelling brand of originality that is so refreshing to find. Enough of me talking, just watch the video of "Electrified" from a live performance filmed in June 2011 and see for yourself:

What did you think? Different, huh? Were you electrified? Well, if you were and this performance just started an itch inside of you to see what else this inventive artist has in store, you can listen to the whole Inclusions album from Bandcamp (and buy it for $10) or stay updated at the Ben Sollee website.

Fresh and original? You bet.


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