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14 September 2011

Feist Announces Special Guests For October 8th Show (+ Goats)

By Nancy Woo

Feist and/or her expert marketing team are really doing a hell of a job promoting her soon-to-be-released album, letting small bits of information leak out slowly, like droplets falling from a faucet. And I would prepare yourself for a Niagara Falls of an album once it finally does hit the stands. Metals sounds great so far, judging by the single, "How Come You Never Go There." And after four years of waiting for Feist to follow up her debut hit record Reminder (2007), which made it all the way to the Grammy's, the build up seems to be only fitting.

Leslie Fiest, the angelic singer of "Mushaboom" fame, is even unlocking a series of video vignettes on her webpage as the album release date nears. October 4th should see all those little video windows able to be played fully through, just like reaching the end of the chocolate countdown to Christmas.

Here is the latest vignette sneak preview, featuring Feist's clear and shining folk style with that soulful set of pipes for the last song of the album, "Get It Wrong, Get It Right." And who can resist a big "awww"?


Feist will be touring in support of Metals and anyone who is going to witness the first live performance for the album will have a few very happy surprises. The kickoff release show of October 8th will now include a whole rollicking set of talented musicians: Mocky, Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear), Bry Webb (The Constantines), Doug Paisley, Joel Gibb and more. This special performance doesn't look like it's an actual part of the tour, which officially begins October 15th, but it will be held at Toronto's Glenn Gould Studio, and man, is it going to be a party. Portions of the concert will be broadcast during Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s 75th anniversary celebrations on November 2nd.

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