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16 September 2011

Free Music Friday - September 16, 2011

Free Music Friday

I don't know what it is about this week, but the remix rivers are flowing like gold. And all the remix submissions we've gotten are actually great, like a spunky spin on "Gimme Shelter" that we posted yesterday. This week, our featured download is a whole EP of Harry Nilsson remixes (of "Put the Lime in the Coconut" fame), by way of "bastard psych-catchy-pop" Chicago-an Netherfriends. Quite an interesting listen. And there's so much more as the list goes on, including Florence and the Machine, psychedelic blues band Cowboy Junkies, African beats master El Rego, and more. Go ahead. Dive in. It's all for you.

1. Netherfriends - Netherfriends Does Nilsson EP (link to Bandcamp)

This week I'm featuring the Netherfriends Does Nilsson EP. This is a poppy little record of Netherfriends originals with backing tracks made up entirely of samples from Harry Nilsson songs. All six songs are catchy, in no small part to the liberal application of Nilsson, with a vaguely psychedelic tinge. Good for a quick afternoon listen and fun to try to identify the samples.

-Contributed by Podcast Personality Andrew McNair

2. Florence and the Machine - "Shake It Out" (sorry, no download for this one, but you can click to stream)

We posted the music video for Florence and the Machine's teaser track, "What the Water Gave Me," off the upcoming album Ceremonials last month. We're pleased to follow up on that by offering the official first single, "Shake It Out" to stream. It's just as epic and layered, soul-powered and vocally impressive as is expected from this dynamic artist. The much-anticipated sophomore release will hit UK stores October 31st by way of Island Records, and it will see the light of day in the US sometime in November via Universal Republic. Visit for more teasers.

3. Cowboy Junkies - "Sing in My Meadow" (Stream below and click here to exchange your email for a free download)

This song is off an album by the same name, Sing In My Meadow, which was recorded in four days in order to, as band leader Michael Timmins says,"reference an aspect of our live performances that we don't dig into very much in our studio recordings. We wanted the album to revolve around those psychedelic, blues-inspired forays we are so fond of exploring on stage." I think it hits its mark, recalling a bit of Allman Brothers in the beginning and blossoming into something psychedelically satisfying. These ambitious musicians are slated to release four albums, fondly called "The Nomad Series," in an 18 month time period. Follow their progress here:

Bonus: Entering your e-mail also enters you in a contest to win a bunch of merch-related goodies. Woohoo!

4. The Asteroid Shop - "Dandelion" (click to stream or right click to save as)

Strikingly intimate and vaguely reminiscent of 80s electronic pop, this song takes the listener into a world full of elegance and pain, of ease and tension all at once. A solid synth beat that's on the heavier, more solemn side sets the backdrop for the impressive, deep vocal range of Eric Brendo, the steering force of the group. There's something ethereal and tender about this song, a little too brooding to be classically beautiful but impressively affecting in its own way. The album by the same title of the song will be in stores October 18th, so watch for it here.

5. Nerves Junior - "As Bright As Your Night Light"

Now here's a choppy, electronic-tinged, lush weirdo garage rock song from the album of the same name. Crafted in the vein of Deerhunter, Indian Jewelry, and Lower Dens, this song features a prominent, nonchalant bass line amid smooth vocals and an intermittent crying electric guitar. It's one of those songs I can't quite put my finger on, but is something a little different, and halfway through the crescendo will take you for a ride. If you're hooked, you can listen to the rest of the album on Bandcamp.

6. El Rego - "Hessa"

I usually like to end the set with something a little off the beaten path, and this week's song takes the cake for underutilized awesome. Not that electro-pop, indie rock and retro blues aren't scrumptious enough as it is, because they are, but to close out today, I want to share a rhythmic, delightfully danceable, deliciously fun song that originates from another continent altogether. "Hessa" is a gem of a tune built on a foundation of African beats, crafted by 60s and 70s funk/Afrobeat legend El Rego. Haven't heard of him? Well, he lives in Benin, Africa and because DJ Frank Gossner spent years tracking down and collecting his music, Daptone Records will be releasing a handpicked collection of his best tracks on October 11, 2011. Until then, download this classic for free, and wait for the album to drop from

Okay, now here comes the hard part: that's all we've got for now, so hold onto your britches 'til next Friday.

Nancy Woo


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