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30 September 2011

Free Music Friday - September 30, 2011

I love Free Music Fridays and I'm not afraid to say it! I will scream it from the rooftops, and proudly, because I don't care who knows! So you can wipe that smug look off your face and just tell me you love me, too. Oh, you do? Okay. Then on to the music, and away from this conversation with myself.

This week is just as fantastic as usual, as we've gleaned some of the best new downloads from the web, both exclusive freebies from well-known names and fresh new tidbits of music from artists you've probably not heard of - until now. What would life be without discovering new music? Drab and dry, I'm sure. So keep yourself colorful and drenched in awesome with this new batch of tunes, all specially coated in a layer of Online Rock free music love.

Plus, three bonuses this week! Who doesn't love bonuses?

1. Big Black Delta - BBLDP1
(free download with e-mail)

This week, I'm featuring BBDLP1 from Big Black Delta, the solo project of Mellowdrone frontman Jonathan Bates. The album is a big, dark, droney, pounding thing full of synths and drum machines, reminiscent at times of Depeche Mode. Good stuff, and it's only available for free from Big Black Delta for a few more days -- so click away.

-Contributed by Podcast Personality Andrew McNair

2. Young Galaxy - We have Everything EP
(free download with e-mail)

Don't be misguided by the title: this EP is actually 5 different remixes of this Montreal-based band's single, "We Have Everything." This made me a little skeptical at first, but after listening to the EP all the way through, the remixes are almost deceiving in that they are all markedly different, and all great in their own way, though they'd all do nicely in the stereo of a car on a Friday night. I think the reason five different artists can pull off remixing the same song in five uniquely different ways is probably because the base song is excellent to begin with, and made up of so many elements for other recording artists to tweak to their liking. The song is originally a melodic art-rock/pop-synth medley aching in its sincerity, yet catchy enough to be played almost anywhere. Young Galaxy just released their third album Shapeshifting from Paper Bag Records. For more info, visit their page on Paper Bag Records.

Bonus: To hear the original song and also be terrifically blown away by the amazing, animated, purely delightful music video, watch below: (And don't be surprised if you see us double-feature this on our Music Video Mondays post. It's just that good.) More Young Galaxy? Yes, please.

3. Oh Ye Denver Birds - "I Believe in Love, Kid"
(click to download)

Continuing in a similar vein of heartfelt yet happy, genuine yet catchy synth-based pop not lacking a good dose of instrumentation, this song does not disappoint. It's like a star-studded journey through a first love discovered amidst a vibrant display of fireworks at night. It's good, it's fun and it might just make you smile. Since forming in 2009, this Brisbane-based trio has only released three tracks, but they are now touring and ripening their sound. Check them out at their Myspace.

4. Mild Mannered - "Wonder"
(click to download)

To take it now in a more simply rocking direction (we've got guitar, drums and heart here), this single is by a Cleveland-based duo that describes themselves as "one part rock, one part indie-pop, and one part tenacity." Fronted by a female singer, Mild Mannered delivers 90s-esque garage rock with a little taste of pop, and a lot of ferocity. The band's album Believeland is out now from Finished Basement Records, so just mosey on over to their website to get it.

Bonus: The band is holding a contest right now for all aspiring filmmakers: Now, after listening to the song "Wonder," create your best music video for it. Winners will receive a $300 gift card and an interview to be featured on the band's website. The deadline for submissions is October 11th, 2011. Instructions for contestants: privately upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo, then e-mail the link and password to Good luck!

5. goodbyemotel - Wish Your Way EP
(free download with e-mail subscription)

Almost falling into the category of 90s alternative/"emo" rock, this Melbourne-based band does the heart-on-the-sleeve, almost-angsty lyrics well, with a backdrop of power chords and a pulsing rhythm. I especially enjoy the bass line in the third song off the EP, "Remember." Fans of bands like Taking Back Sunday and Saves the Day will no doubt be smitten by these dudes' energetic style and suffering sentiments. Wish Your Way, via Nice bike Records, is the bands' first EP.

6. Alessi's Ark - "Maybe I Know"
(click to stream or right click to save as)

Once again, ending the set with something a little special, I'd like to highlight the entrancing folk stylings of 20-year old British siren, Alessi Laurent-Marke, also known as Alessi's Ark. Her debut album Time Travel just hit stores this week, and one of the songs, "Maybe I Know" is her absolutely spellbinding take on a song originally by 60s pop princess Lesley Gore. Tranforming a pop song into a mesmerizing folk-pop song, Alessi sings it in a way that brings to mind entrapped sailors being devilishly drawn to innocent-looking sirens on the horizon. She's got a rapturous quality to her voice, controlled and harmonic - beautiful. If you're charmed, visit her website for more information and more music available to stream.

Bonus: Watch a performance of the original song by 60s teen icon Lesley Gore:

That's all for this week. Hope you loved it as much as we love you.
-Nancy Woo


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