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12 September 2011

Music Video Monday Sep. 12, 2011 - Guadalupe Plata: "Pollo Podrio"

By Nancy Woo

So here's an idea: every Monday we're going to start posting the best music video(s) we've come across in the past week. However it captures us, it will be the one (or more) totally awesome music video(s) worth sharing. Whether bizarre, beautiful or batty, it's got to have that something extra that makes us go, "hey that was something I'd watch (and listen to) again."

The intersection of film and music gets more interesting every day, so let's honor the fine filmmakers and musicians who come together to give you that old fashioned joy from moving pictures put to music.

This week I want to show some love for a band that hasn't quite made a splash in the United States - yet. I am so excited for you to jump into the psychedelic/swamp blues/punk stylings of badass Spanish rockers Guadalupe Plata. If rhythmic Delta blues, screaming Detroit punk and Spanish lyrics and culture had a threesome, Guadalupe Plata would be the happy ending. These guys are phenomenal. I've been listening to a YouTube mix and it is blowing me away. Let's just start you off with this music video "Pollo Podrio" to give you an idea of their style, which no doubt consists of wailing electric instruments, a breakneck beat, grungily uttered garage vocals and ribcage rocking composition. No frills here, just a straight up howling good time.

Let's not forget the great guys from NYSU films who put together this original, amusing and electrifying music video. Watch below.

Guadalupe Plata: "Pollo Podrio"

Okay, how awesome was that?

You might now be asking yourself, what the heck was that thing emitting that sick bass line? It's a primitive bass, handmade with a zinc washtub, a wooden stick and a chainsaw string, just one of the tools that lit the fire between the three Spanish swamp blues worshippers, Pedro de Dios Barcelo, Carlos Jimena and Paco Luis Martos, who consummated the band in 2006 in Ubeda, Spain.

This is how they roll.

Other than playing what had to be a mesmerizing show at South by Southwest 2010, the States hasn't been fortunate enough to see too much of them. Now, I think that's going to change.

And here I'm going to tell you a secret that is best shared. Guadalupe Plata's entire 2011 self-titled album is available to download for free from Please do yourself a favor and if you enjoyed that video, get the album here.

Guadalupe Plata (2011).

For how impressive these guys are, they're asking no dinero, just an email. And I'm asking you to support the artists by sharing this. (There's a little social media link at the bottom of this blog post.) If you like the Black Keys, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Tampa Red, The Dirtbombs, The Spencer Blues Explosion, I assure you, you'll be smitten.


Here are two more music videos if you are so inclined:

Guadalupe Plata: "Baby Me Vuelves Loco"

Now that is some sexy music.

Guadalupe Plata: "Serpiente Negra"

And that is a sexy dance.

Don't tell me you don't love it, because I'd know you're lying.

Okay, here's just one more song! I can't stop listening.

Guadalupe Plata: "I'd Rather Be a Devil"

Thanks for watching. See you next Monday. And don't forget to close the week out with Online Rock's handful of free downloads courtesy of the Free Music Friday fairy.


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