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15 September 2011

Remix Round Up - Head Like a Kite Does "Gimme Shelter"

By Nancy Woo

Remix Round Up

In the day and age of the Internet, the pickings are ripe for remixing a little tune here, remaking a whole song there, sampling, layering, mashing or just generally combining the forces of two or more already awesome entities into something even more dynamite. (Of course, some newbie remaking an old favorite isn't going to please everyone, but hey, we admire the effort and balls it takes to grab someone else's work and put your own spin on it, especially knowing the critics will abound. And sometimes, some really great stuff happens.)

This column might not be a regular weekly occurrence, but we'd like to use the Remix Round Up to feature new artists remixing or remaking classic songs or songs by their peers. Of course, we post the ones that we think are exceptionally good. And we'll post a link or video of the original, just for good old reference's sake.

Dave Einmo of Head Like a Kite.

This week the song being remixed/covered is the classic Rolling Stones song "Gimme Shelter." Head Like a Kite mastermind Dave Einmo puts a fun electronic dance spin on it, and though it's almost unrecognizable (replacing that handy bit of guitar work with synth) except for the unmistakable chorus and background "oohs" (which in this case, are a little eerie), it's just about a perfect dance club rendition of one of the best Rolling Stones songs. If you like classic rock and you like to boogie, this remix will be for you.

First, here is the original, and if you've never heard this song because you've been living under a rock, listen to it NOW!

And the best part: download the Head Like a Kite remix for free below, then bust it out on your iPod the next time the gang is together for a night out. You'll have some heads spinning for sure.

Head Like a Kite - "Gimme Shelter"
(click to stream or right click to save as)
What's his secret, you say? Panda, he answers.

Dave Einmo, the brains behind Head Like a Kite, is joined by a revolving door of musician friends, but his claim to fame is his knack for making eclectic electronic pop and his tendency to break down genre barriers.

Head Like a Kite's third album Dreams Suspend Night is out now off off Roll Call Records, but if you liked the remix here, he also has a Covers and Remixes EP available to download from his website in exchange for your e-mail.

The tracks are as listed below:

1. "Ohio" by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
2. "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones
3. "Ain't Talkin Bout Love" by Van Halen
4. "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell

Bonus: Dave Einmo's other project, Daydream Vacation, has a free download of their song "That Girl Don't Sleep" from their Facebook page.


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