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21 October 2011

Free Music Friday - October 21, 2011

Let's get it started, then! Free Music Friday this week is a gosh darn big mix of new and old, favorite and obscure noteworthy artists. Download our featured EP for a 25-song long recap of the catchy and swiftly-moving career of David Mead. Then we've got some art rock lined up for you, followed by a sonic ballad, some electronic dance and a grand finale by dark electronic group Kasabian.

Where do you get your dose of novelty music? That's right, Online Rock. Woohoo!

1. David Mead
- "25 Days to 'Dudes'"
(download from Noise Trade with email)

Collection: 25 Days to 'Dudes'

This Friday, I've found another sampler: this time from folky popster (or poppy folkster?) David Mead. This 25 song collection spans his 13-year career with songs and outtakes from his previous albums (leading up to the release his new album Dudes in a few weeks). This is unabashed pop music in the vein of Elvis Costello, The Beatles or Rhett Miller: catchy, foot-tappingly good and full of surprises.

-Contributed by Inernet Music Expert Andrew McNair

2. Mutiny Mutiny - "The Damage is Done"
(click to stream or right click to save as)

LP: Constellation

Bonus OLR points for cool album cover.

These math rockers supply the perfect balance of loud, noisy art rock with a softer side. Punishing guitar riffs give way to a female vocalist softening the dischordant rhythms, then back again to in-your-face vocal roaming and clashing of instruments. The female vocalist in this song gives the perfect amount of reprieve, lessening the energy a tad bit, only for it to explode back out again. Mutiny Mutiny is a math rock band from Seattle; if you love bands like Sonic Youth, Unwound, Jawbox and Slint, you're probably dig Mutiny Mutiny's style. Check them out at

3. Races - "Big Broom"
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EP: Big Broom

Right away, this song opens with a huge, sweeping electronic soundscape punctuated by punching percussion, and a nostalgic bass beat in the background immediately conveys a feeling of nostalgia. The vocals are slightly toned down in favor of the rich texture of the instrumentation, but both the male and female vocals add perfectly to the many intricate layers in this song. It's sort of like a sweeping ballad, beautiful and tender, but with the right amount of rock rhythm moving it forward. Listen for the chimes. Los Angeles sextet Races is set to release their Big Broom EP on November 15th from Frenchkiss records, so if you liked this song, be sure to follow them at

4. autoKratz - "Becoming the Wraith (Feat. Peter Hook)"
(download from Soundcloud)

EP: Becoming the Wraith

Alright, time to get to dancing. This is our club song for the set, a dark electronic pop song driven by mixed beats, garage techno stylings and an almost frantic sense of moving away from something. I imagine this song in a chase scene in a movie, and with that, you can tell it is a song that will make you want to move. autoKratz released an EP of "Becoming the Wraith" mixes, and this song, free from Soundcloud, features Peter Hook, bass player and co-founder of New Order and Joy Division. If you dig it, be sure to check out autoKratz's recently released full-length album, Self Help for Beginners. Find the band at

5. Kasabian - "Switchblade Smiles"
(free download from Facebook with email)

LP: Velociraptor!

Alrighty, ending the set with a bang is how we like to do it. Kasabian, world famous electronic rock forerunners, have recently released a brand new album, Velociraptor! and in celebration of the event, they are offering a free download of one of the best songs from the album, "Switchblade Smiles." If you haven't heard Kasabian, download this song now and enter its world of deep, writhing, pounding electronic weirdness, that easily transitions into soft, light, benign harmonies. Kasabian's song elements are unique, and they keep pushing the boundaries of their own music. Take a taste here, and find more at

-By Nancy Woo


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