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26 October 2011

Music Is More Accessible Than Ever - Infographic

By Nancy Woo

Here you are, on the Internet, checking your Gmail, browsing YouTube, posting on Twitter and casually glancing at Facebook while simultaneously streaming Pandora - all typical afternoon activities. We have entered the days of Extreme Multi-Tasking, and thankfully, it's easier than ever to listen to music online, stream new artists, grab some free downloads, follow your favorite bands on tour and just generally be immersed in music as much as you are immersed in the Internet. And for most people, that's no small amount.

So, for you during your small fun work break at the office, we present an infographic about the Internet music scene, which is growing at the speed of the Universe. It touches upon the endless channels that we use to keep that constant stream of music ever-flowing around us. There are so many avenues to listen to music that a full, comprehensive graphic would flow for many Internet miles... But we want to know, what's missing for you?

Tell us in the comments: what are your main sources of music immersion? Spotify? Smartphone apps? You can also leave a comment on our Facebook wall.

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[Via Klipsch]

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