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25 November 2011

Free Music "Black" Friday - November 25, 2011

The post-pie holiday madness has taken hold once again as 150 million people turn to the streets, stampeding toward flashing lights and bargain signs. No, it's not the zombie apocalypse, it's just Black Friday - a consumer holiday in which usually normal, everyday citizens transform into savings-crazed vampires on the trail of fresh deals. Somebody should tell them that they don't need to wait until Black Friday for some hot and fresh free stuff - new, awesome music, that is. Every Friday, Online Rock celebrates the Internet, emerging artists and the word free with a hand-picked selection of the best new music.

This week is no different, and you don't have to wait in line in front of Wal-Mart in the bitter cold for days on end, enduring the possible threat of death, in order to snag some great deals. We've got a handful of free downloads right here.

1. The Miracals - Give Me A Chance
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EP: Give Me A Chance

Bonus OLR points if you watch Modern Family.

This week I've found a bouncy little indie pop EP from a band called The Miracals (yes, [sic]). They were apparently The Smiles previously, but had to change their name for legal reasons. Give Me a Chance is an EP of five sunshiney little gems in the Beatles tradition of catchy pop songs with a hint of twee and the vaguest suggestion of powerpop. These songs are the exact opposite of the weather right now.

-Andrew McNair

2. Emperor X - "Erica Western Teleport"
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LP: Western Teleport

Emperor X's latest album Western Teleport has been garnering plenty of strong reviews since its release in early October, and one listen to "Erica Western Teleport" makes it easy to see why. It's a quirky ode to a past relationship that boasts an infectious groove, and it feels like it was recorded by your favorite neighbor. The instantly catchy melody practically demands a singalong, but it's the free-form arrangement, constantly teetering on the edge of falling apart, which gives the song its exciting power. Hear more from Emperor X via their Tumblr: 

-Tomi Mendel

3.  Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real -
"Meet Me In The Morning (Bob Dylan cover)"
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Single: "Meet Me In The Morning"

Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real are an impressive new rock and roll band based out of Venice, California. They combine blues, country, and even a little jazz music to create a very appealing and exciting sound. This song, “Meet Me In The Morning,” gives you a general idea of what this band is capable of. It is a riff-based blues song, with a hard rock approach. Although, no recording of this band that I have heard thus far does this band the justice they deserve. They are incredible live. But they seem to fall a bit short in the studio. However, this track is a notable step in the right direction.  

-Joseph Christ

4. The Belligerents - "Steal Money"
(free download from Unearthed)

Single: "Steal Money" 

Okay, here we have it: a Black Friday/holiday shopping madness AND Occupy Wall Street-relevant song by the infectious dance pop five-piece, The Belligerents. They bring the Brisbane indie scene straight to us through cyberspace, and in this song, they manage to do the undeniably fun clapping-whistling-"ooh"-ing pop thing, while singing (in a tone of dark irony) about the permanence of money, hammered in by an ominous beat. "They get richer, you get poorer... they sneak in and steal your stuff/well, it's easy because you're dumb," the Belligerents croon, quite soberly, actually. This single was just recorded and released last week, and hopefully we hear much more from them soon. Check out their Facebook.

Bonus: Free download of two other songs from the same link!

-Nancy Woo

5. The Duke Spirit - "Don't Wait"
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LP: Bruiser

To finish things off strong, we've got a sultry, alluring rock anthem courtesy of U.K-based band The Duke Spirit. Led by smoky female vocals and a fuzzed-out guitar that hits hard and then retreats, there's a satisfying balance of density and spaciousness present here. The vocals sweep along like a spidery web as the drums, keyboard and electrifying guitar weave in and out, reaching deep into the pockets of the song to fill it up just right. After seven years of playing together, the band just released their third full-length album, Bruiser. Find out more at
Bonus: Stream the entire album at
-Nancy Woo  


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