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11 November 2011

Free Music Friday - 11/11/11

Today is the day to make a wish. Or maybe the world is ending? Or perhaps it's everyone's lucky day, or we're suddenly slipping into a higher consciousness. Either way your superstition takes you, 11/11/11 is a perfectly parallel number - it will happen only once in our lifetimes. And today's playlist will also only happen once in a lifetime. So whatever you do today, make it worth your while! Remember every day happens only once in a lifetime, and start it all off right with this batch of new music.

1. The Darcys - The Darcys
(free download with email)

LP: The Darcys

This week I've found the rather stunning self-titled album from The Darcys. Released last week on Arts&Crafts Records, they're giving the entire thing away for free (in exchange for your email address) from their website. Moody indie rock with atmospheric guitars, this album reminds me of Kid A-era Radiohead at times and Kings of Leon at others. Well worth getting the occasional email from them.

Let us know what you think of The Darcys.

-Contributed by Podcast Personality Andrew McNair

2. The Color Bars - "Mustached Messiah"
(click to stream or right click to download)

LP: Prosopopoeia

Bonus OLR points for colorful psychedelic cover art.

Quirky, clever, catchy and bouncing with various layers of electronic arrangements, The Color Bars is a "jovial psych-pop" group that turns pop a little surreal, and weaves literary lyrics throughout an upbeat, good old toe-tapping, singing-along time. The album title, Prosopopoeia, (try saying that fifteen times fast) is a real word of Greek origin that means "speaking to the audience as another person or object." This album is Seattle-based Color Bars' third album, and just as trippy and fun as you should expect from them. It will officially hit stores November 15, 2011 and you can officially find them at

3. T.H. White - "Down in the Garden"
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LP: How Bad Do You Want It?

Recalling the likes of Thievery Corporation, DJ Shadow and LCD Soundsystem, T.H. White premieres his latest album How Bad Do You Want It? Chock full of jazzy influences and an overall progressive chill ambiance, this song is just dreamlike enough to get lost in. With plenty of reverb on the vocals and a feeling of stumbling around a picturesque ocean landscape, it's one to play during those quiet moments at night with candles lit. That keyboard flute halfway through does it for me. Get your fill at

4. Zun Zun Egui - "Fandango Fresh"
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LP: Katang

Entering the music scene like a gust of fresh wind, Zun Zun Egui are doing something different, new, a little bizarre and certainly unique. "Fandango Fresh" is a five minute long freerange rock song that almost defies description. Opening with a sick bass line soon overlapped by a frenetic guitar and whirlwind-like synth, the energy in this song (and the album) is contagious, though it may take a few listens to really adjust to the strange and unusual musical techniques that compose this Bristol-based band's signature style. Using stop-and-go techniques, where the vocals and music all make a punch and then release, frequent guitar buildups behins wailing refrains, drumbeat breakdowns and a rhythm that isn't quite constant, this music is as far from stale as anything can be. It's experimental to say the least, and rocketing toward the sky in a form all its own to be more precise. Please get more at

5. King Dude - "Big Blue Eyes"
(free download from SoundCloud)

LP: Love

Checking in at barely over two minutes, certainly the only drawback of this song is that it is over much too soon. Full of slow, deep vocals drenched in reverb, with an atmospheric edge that echoes as if in a sacred temple, this song has a lovely, almost remorseful dark sway to it. Seattle-based King Dude premieres his second full-length album Love to an audience already smitten by his pagan-esque folk and reverent tales of the rainy Northwest. The little high pitch in the lilting vocals here gives this song a tinge of true beauty. (Plus, gotta love the moniker.) Listen to much more at

-By Nancy Woo


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