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23 November 2011

Tennis Releases New Single and Details of Sophomore Album

By Ana Diaz

Indie pop band Tennis is slated to release a new single in the coming weeks and a new album in February of next year. Their newest single, “Origins,” will be released on December 6th as a double A-side 7” via Forest Family records. Young and Old, the full length follow up to last January’s Cape Dory, will be released February 14th on Fat Possum records. The band will play a few shows, mainly in the western United States and Canada, in support of the new material.

 Dreamy sound, dreamy look.

Tennis’ dreamy sound is the result of the spousal collaboration between Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley with help from drummer James Barone. Their music evokes a feeling of times gone by, of 60’s pop with a pinch of surf rock guitar. If you can imagine Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino wearing boat shoes and polos, that is the sound I picture in my head. The couple began their creative endeavor shortly after finishing college when they decided to sell their worldly possessions and embark on a seven month long sailing trip. Somewhere between the eastern coastline and the gentle lulls of the Atlantic, they decided to translate their intimate oceanic sojourn into music. Their debut, Cape Dory, was their attempt at synthesizing their love for nostalgia and each other. With tracks like “Marathon” and “Seafarer,” Tennis created a light ambiance that reflects the months of serene intimacy the two spent together.

The Cape Dory cover reminds me of my days as a toddler in the late 80s.

“Origins,” though, has an incredibly fun and catchy sound. Alaina Moore’s bright voice keeps the song upbeat while still maintaining the almost wistful pop feel that characterized the band in their first record. Its constant keyboard line keeps the song moving. The vocal harmonies, especially the “oh oh” in the chorus, persuade you to bob your head to the rhythm at the very least. As a taste of what is to come, Young and Old seems to be the perfect counter part to Cape Dory. Moreover, the band enlisted Black Keys drummer, Patrick Carney, to produce their latest endeavor.

Can you feel the fun?

Prior to news of these releases, the band treated fans with two covers of 60’s favorites. The band covered Brenda Lee’s “Is It True?” and The Zombies’ “Tell Her No.” Each cover is endearing and extremely loyal to their respective originals. Despite the high level of fidelity, Tennis manages to still make the covers uniquely theirs. With the Brenda Lee cover, the song’s seminal guitar riff remained essentially untouched, though the band gave it a much sharper sound. I am especially fond of The Zombies cover. The guitars sound crisp but there is still this layer of age that alludes to the original's era. For instance, the background vocals have a very 60's pop group feel to them, and when Moore’s vocals hit loud or high notes the sound almost crackles as it would on vinyl.

Be sure to check out the band’s official website for free downloads of the two covers as well more info on their upcoming mini tour.


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