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01 December 2011

CANT Debuts Video for “Too Late Too Far”

By Ana Diaz

CANT, more popularly known as Chris Taylor, recently released a video for his newest single, “Too Late Too Far.” This is the second video off his debut album Dreams Come True. The first video, for the single “Believe,” was composed entirely of VHS recordings of UFO sightings. Check out the new equally weird and intriguing video below, which features what seems to be the aftermath of a kidnapping and trance-like dancing.

Taylor is best know as the bassist of popular indie rock band Grizzly Bear. In addition to his duties as a bassist, he also sings back up vocals and dabbles in playing the flute and clarinet. Taylor is also quickly becoming an accomplished producer. The majority of Grizzly Bear’s albums were created under his watchful eye. Twin Shadow’s popular debut, Forget, and The Morning Bender’s Big Echo were also produced by him.

Taylor and the rest of Grizzly Bear.

The multi-instrumental Taylor first introduced us to his somber sound way back in 2009 when he started his own label, Terrible Records. An interesting side note, Taylor apparently built the label's studio with his "bear" hands. Shortly thereafter he released his first solo single, a track titled “Ghost.” This aptly named track delivered a dreary and atmospheric sound coupled with the meticulous layering associated with Grizzly Bear's first few releases.

CANT, or Chris Taylor.

While the rest of his band mates reveled in the success of Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest, Taylor kept busy working on his label and debut record. Two years later, in September of this year, he finally treated fans to a full length taste of his song writing abilities with Dreams Come True. Though his debut hasn’t gotten as much critical acclaim as his work with Grizzly Bear (Pitchfork called it cold and sterile, ouch), Taylor’s debut album has easily become a fan favorite. I side with the fans on this one and I have indeed enjoyed this record. After the release, Taylor also embarked in a small tour in support of his debut.

Grizzly Bear + tons of synth = Dreams Come True

 “Too Late Too Far” is filled with moody synths and heavy drums. A cacophony of textures arrange themselves to sound cohesive but with a sense of discontent that complements the moody synths well. The vocals are also saturated with a heaviness but are very smooth, similar to that of a crooner. Its video, much like all the others associated with Terrible Records, is admittedly strange but awesome. It goes in and out of a low-fi, VHS quality video that, at times, when coupled with the copious synths, has a very retro 80s feel. We see Taylor in the trunk of car, then roaming around a forest. Very eerie but emotive in its own way. I don’t particularly understand the possessed dancing but if Radiohead’s "Lotus Flower" video has taught me anything, it's that everyone loves a good dance sequence in a music video. Overall, it’s a captivating video for an equally captivating album.

The video in a nutshell.


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