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02 December 2011

Free Music Friday - December 2, 2011

It's that time of the week again - Free Music Friday. This week, we've got a whole bunch of different ways to listen to the awesome new music we've hand chosen for your auditory delight. We've got two full albums to stream below, and one to download, plus a video for the last song. Don't ever say we don't treat you right - or else you start to sound like our mothers. In fact, all Online Rock contributors are buying their mothers diamonds for Christmas, that's how good we are at being debonair. Meanwhile, you only get this batch of free music, but hey, we made it for you! And we're sure you'll enjoy it.

1. Okkervil River -  Golden Opportunities 2
(free downoad from artist website)

Special EP: Golden Opportunities 2

This week, Okkervil River have released a free EP of covers recorded in a one-day session: Golden Opportunities 2 (a followup to 2007's Golden Opportunities Mixtape, which they recorded during their Stage Name tour as a free gift to their fans). The EP features covers of songs by Motown session musicians Ted Lucas, Jim Sullivan, Bill Fay and The Triffids, as well as their own version of "Dry Bones." And it's every bit as much a gift as the previous Golden Opportunities installment and what you've come to expect from Okkervil River: powerful, atmospheric roots-tinged indie rock.

-Andrew McNair

2. The Quick and Easy Boys - Live at State Theater (2009)
(free download from Internet Archive with permission from the band)

EP: Red Light Rabbit

The Quick and Easy Boys are a psychedelic blues rock band from Eugene, Oregon. This special download is a 9-song compilation from one of their live performances in 2009. It contains the notable song, "Senorita," which is off their last album, Red Light Rabbit: an upbeat swamp rock tune with a slightly funky groove and smoldering guitar work. Lyrically, the band seems to have a decent sense of humor, which complements their sound and style quite nicely. Be sure to preview and purchase tracks from their latest album here.

-Joseph Christ

Bonus: Stream the tracks below:

3. Still Corners - "Into the Trees" / "Cuckoo"
(free download from Sub Pop)

LP: Creatures of an Hour

Still Corners is a London-based group on Sub Pop Records that specializes in highly atmospheric dream-pop. "Into the Trees" and "Cuckoo" are two songs from their debut album, Creatures of an Hour, which you can download or stream here. Another great song from the album is "I Write In Blood," an irresistibly haunting track that recalls Portishead and Julee Cruise. The spaghetti-western lead guitar crawls up your spine during the verse, and the chorus is just as chilling, matching singer Tessa Murray's beautifully airy vocals with a keyboard part straight out of a 1980s horror movie. Everything combines to evoke a foggy, half-remembered night spent walking alone. This band has a way of creating music that creeps under your skin and into your head. For more, check out the Still Corners' Tumblr:

-Tomi Mendel 

Bonus: Stream Creatures of an Hour below.

Still Corners - Creatures of an Hour by subpop

4. People Get Ready - "Uncanny"
(free download from artist website)

EP: People Get Ready
In the mood for a nice little pop tune? Check out People Get Ready’s website for a free download of “Uncanny,” a track from their debut self-titled EP. Don’t let the track’s name fool you, though. It’s actually quite a smooth and charming song. Be sure explore this New York based quartet’s music page for more on their current EP.

-Ana Diaz

5. HoneyHoney - "Turn That Finger Around"
(free download with email)

LP: Billy Jack

Okay, indie listeners, before putting up any defenses when you hear that the duo HoneyHoney falls into the genre of country (though they're bluegass/folk rock, too), rest assured that HoneyHoney is the type of country that you can actually sink your teeth into. This song, from their second full-length album Billy Jack, delivers poignant, cleverly crafted lyrics practically dripping with life lessons from the formidable lungs of singer/guitarist Suzanne Santo. She can really belt it out beautifully, backed by a full, rolling band with no more twang than is just enough to recall images of a setting sun across Midwestern plains (even though they state their hometown is hippie-filled Venice, CA). It's a track worth trying, and a band worth watching:

-Nancy Woo

Bonus: Listen to "Turn That Finger Around" here:


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