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09 December 2011

Free Music Friday - December 9, 2011

Check it out, the free music wagon stops at your doorstep once again! Hop on for a strange, good and possibly bumpy ride.

1. Doug Jerebine - "Ashes and Matches"
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LP: Doug Jerebine is Jesse Harper

A growling, bluesy number, "Ashes and Matches" is slice of classic-rock heaven from the mysterious Doug Jerebine. The little-known guitarist was making major waves in his homeland of New Zealand back in 1969, when this song was recorded under the pseudonym Jesse Harper. Record label Drag City plans to grab him some well-deserved notoriety in the present day with the January release ofDoug Jerebine is Jesse Harper, a remastered version of his first album. Let this track quench your thirst while you wait for the full LP. It's a groovy, Hendrix-esque guitar romp with some tasty reverb to round it off. Consider it a portion of rockin' comfort food to chase away your winter-time blues. Check out more songs here:

-Tomi Mendel

2. Ohbijou - "Niagara"
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LP: Metal Meets


This week, I bring you guys a song about, as the lead singer puts it, “devotion and determination…putting aside romantic courtesies and demanding attention.” So, give Toronto based Ohbijou your undivided attention and bask in airy glow that is “Niagara.” Metals Meet, their latest release, is out now.

-Ana Diaz

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LP: Baby

 British indie rock band, Tribes, is poised to break into the U.S. music scene, with plans to release their much-anticipated debut full-length album, Baby, in the upcoming year. Last month, Tribes released their debut EP, We Were Children, which received widespread critical acclaim. See what the hype is about with a free download courtesy of the band's website. "Nightdriving/Useless God" is pretty representative of the band's sound, which is minimalist, with a strong focus on vocals and guitar, reminiscent of Oasis or Pavement. The second part of the title also proves to be surprisingly apt, as singer Johnny Lloyd continuously wails, "What use is God if you can't see him?" As for the first part of the title...maybe you like contemplating the merits of invisible deities while you cruise around at night? Even if you don't, the melodic guitar riffs are sure to put you in a melancholy, contemplative mood anyway.

-Elaine Mao

4. Apteka - "Striking Violet"
(download from Soundcloud) 

LP: Gargoyle Days

Bonus OLR points for mesmerizing cover.

A powered-up nod to Billy Corgan, this song seethes with a dark tension, building up smoothly and releasing wildly. It reminds your heart to pump that blood all around, and it's tentatively violent with a touch of the razor-tooth macabre, drenched in electric guitar, eerie synth and powerhouse reverb. Perfect for driving around town letting the long hair bang about in the wind. Be sure to check out the full-length album Gargoyle Days from these Chicagoan rockers at

-Nancy Woo

5. The Library Is On Fire - "They Don't Know You (Like I Know You)"
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LP: Works on Paper

A surprisingly effective yet simple pop song, the vocals on this puppy are tuned up so that the dripping heart of the male singer can be fully squeezed out in controlled crooning. A modern indie love ballad with soul, backed by a solid rhythm, it's surprisingly lacking in cheesiness, managing to drop a dollop of sincere 50s-esque prom sentiments into your ears. It's a slow dance I wouldn't mind taking, though the lyrics imply a scornful bitterness that might ironically offset the tone. Check out more from these guys at and be sure to catch the new album out January 31, 2012.

-Nancy Woo


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