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17 February 2012

Free Music Friday - February 17, 2012

Hello Valentines, hope you had a candy-coated Tuesday. And back to the real world, we know offer a double double of great tunes. This first one is a perfect mellow number to soothe that aching heart, and the second brings you back into the daylight with a pumped up jam full of good old rock and roll.

1. Eric Chenaux - "Amazing Backgrounds"
(free download from Soundcloud)

LP: Guitar and Voice

Eric Chenaux is a Canadian dude who does some pretty neat things with just singing and a guitar. His upcoming album, aptly named Guitar & Voice, features "Amazing Backgrounds," a plaintive ballad stripped down to its core. Chenaux's guitar is extremely atmospheric, ranging from quiet plucking to fuzzed-out soloing. With its tenderly sung, gentle lyrics and warmly meandering melody, "Amazing Backgrounds" makes for a highly gripping listen. Learn more about Guitar & Voice, out March 6, here!

-Tomi Mendel

2. The Black Box Revelation - "High on a Wire"
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LP: My Perception

Tight pants, motorcycle boots, and leather jackets are not things I usually associate with Belgium but this duo from Brussels has just changed all that. These 20-something years olds have already released three albums of gritty, fuzzy, and awesome rock'n'roll tunes. So, everybody dust off those distortion pedals from your high-school garage band days and jam along to the some good ol' rock. For more on The Black Box Revelation check out their webpage

-Ana Diaz


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