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30 March 2012

Free Music Friday - March 30, 2012

Here's this month's selections of Free Music Friday musical picks!

1. Autechre - Tri Repetae
(free download from Noise Trade) 

For this week's free music selection, I've found something from last century to tickle your ears. Autechre has made their third album, 1995's Tri Repetae, available for free via NoiseTrade. The album is, overall, a rather mellow affair that finds ambient synths propelled along by whirrs, clicks, pops and bleeps. With the ubiquitous influence of dubstep on the modern techno scene, a long dose of mid-90s IDM is a refreshing change of pace.  

-Andrew McNair

2. Such Hounds - Self-titled EP
(free download from Bandcamp)

Need some solid, steady indie rock? New York's Such Hounds are here to help. With thick guitars, they lay down three solid songs on their new EP that give you indie powerpop with a rootsy undercurrent. Such Hounds is offering their self-titled EP for absolutely free on Bandcamp (you don't even need to give them an email address to be subjected to occasional emails -- this is as free as free gets).

-Andrew McNair

3. Niteflights - I'm Glad You're Here 
(free download from Soundcloud) 
In the mood for something a bit lighter and synthier? Niteflights can fulfill your yearning for retro-sounding synthesizers and drum machines with an EP full of plucky synthpop love songs. The EP sounds so good that you'd never guess it was done from a home studio. I'm Glad You're Here is available for free from the link above. 

-Andrew McNair

4. Retribution Gospel Choir - The Revolution
(free download from artist website)

Alan Sparhawk, best known for his band Low, has put out a new EP for his side project, Retribution Gospel Choir. The Revolution showcases Sparhawk's poppier sensibilities (which don't get much airtime in Low's slower, heavier music) with a set of four driving, catchy and straightforward indie rock songs. There's even—heavens!—cowbell. Download the entire thing for free from the RGC website.

-Andrew McNair

5. East of Underground - "Hell Below"
(click to stream or right click to save as)

The always reliable Now-Again Records brings us this awesome, skittering Curtis Mayfield cover from a group of Vietnam vets in the early 1970s known as East of Underground. Apparently, some of their songs were used in U.S. Military recruitment centers as an example of the diversity and "coolness" of the soldiers overseas. "Hell Below" was probably left out of such demonstrations, considering its challenging lyrical content, which addresses racial and political issues. Filled to the brim with nervous energy, it's driven by a funky bassline, an infectiously propulsive drumbeat and soulful falsetto vocal stylings. A compilation of East of Underground and two other Vietnam soldier bands is available here. Check out the original Curtis Mayfield version below! 

-Tomi Mendel